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Adrian Gordon Cook

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Adrian Gordon Cook is a Toronto based composer, performer, and multi-instrumentalist. He studied music at York University, where he focused on composition, electronic media, and music history. Cook’s work is multifaceted, stemming from both traditional and experimental musical practices.

Founded upon a minimalist approach, the musical structures in Cook’s work often take shape slowly, through the use of drones, repetition, prolonged chordal movements and static harmony. He has a special interest in multidisciplinary work, inspired by the new relationships that become possible when sound is not the sole element of a piece.

In Studio

With & Without

Return to Union Sound, where In The Hours
was recorded, for a special improvised performance
captured live off the floor.

New Release

In the Hours

This debut LP of instrumental music was composed with piano at its centre. Equally inspired by acoustic and electronic approaches the work aims to balance the two, intentionally blurring the distinction between “real” and “artificial” sound. Loosely composed and highly improvised, In The Hours is the result of a solitary and contemplative approach to music making.

“When I compose there is a stepping outside of time and a freedom amidst the endless potential of sound. It is an extended moment of improvisation and the gradual shaping and development of an impulse into music.

Through this process, my aim is to make music that rewards both close attention and the deliberate removal of attention. A contemplative music that may engage with the listener on a variety of different levels.

I strive to create expressive and emotive music that moves. Music that takes you somewhere.”